Christmas Time Is Here.

I haven’t written in here for a while, and there’s a story behind that. And like any good story, there’s a reason for that as well. But that’s one for another time.

Actually, I wanted to talk about the holidays for a while, and the lead up to the usual twenty-fiftheries (which is now an official word, by the way).

Christmas has become something different to me over the years. I have so many memories of my early Christmas in Texas: Sitting under the tree and watching all of the twinkling lights and looking at all of my Mom’s ornament’s, my parent’s incredible quests to somehow find those NES or Genesis games (I still remember getting games like Super Mario Bros. 2, DuckTales, Super Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog 2) or Star Wars or Masters of the Universe figures. I vividly remember the time that I clotheslined myself on a string of Christmas lights, and how once my Dad realized that I was okay, he’d laugh until tears rolled down his face. I remember Dad and I acting up during the annual light looking at all the neighborhood houses, where we would drive my Mom crazy by chanting “Oooh, Ahhh, Wow…. Can we go home now” in unison after every single house. I remember the last Christmas with my Mom when my family and friends were all at the house. I remember my last Christmas with my Dad when he gave me a MacBook, and Junie tore up wrapping paper.

I remember those two weeks off from school during winter break felt like a blissful eternity.

These days, the lead-in to Christmas feels so fast. I don’t even have time to process the holiday is coming until it is literally setting a cup of cocoa in my lap, and reminding me that I still have to pull a miracle out of my backside and try to get everyone’s gifts on time.

But it’s not so bad, I suppose.

I still do my annual drive to look at Christmas lights with the familiar chant, to which Jen now shakes her head at me. I have a few of Mom’s ornaments on my tree. I still find contentment in the simplicity of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and marvel at how much of a jerkass Santa is in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or how Frosty the Snowman displays some serious child endangerment themes (Have you really watched those Rankin Bass specials? Santa’s got issues, timeless or not). And mostly, I have memories of this day. A lifetime of stories, and lightsaber fights, and getting engaged.

My beliefs are unique, but I am terribly fond of what this day brings.

For me, it’s a time of so many things like bright, colorful lights, timeless music, those old cartoon specials, great food, spending time with family and friends, a lot of memories of laughter and love, and in a larger sense, seeing that extra effort of people being just a little nicer to each other for a day or two. How can anyone not appreciate that little extra bit of goodwill?

I don’t believe in a “War on Christmas”. It’s really up to ourselves to give or take what we want from the holidays. If anything, people pushing each other out of the way for a post-Thanksgiving sale, or rushing through the season to where Valentine’s Day items are now in stores should be a point of contention, not what’s on a coffee cup. The same goes as whatever you wish to honor this time of year. There are so many celebrations going on right now, that if someone wishes me something that’s not what I follow, I accept their words as their expression of intended goodwill to me, extend their greeting in return, and then share my greeting as well. People go the extra effort to be nice this time of year. I want them to run with it. This season makes it easier in seeing the good that can come from other people.

It’s been a unusual year. I’m in better health as opposed to last year. Still not married yet (but I’m working on it, so chill), but I am content where I am until the next step moves forward. I have great friends (and a few reunions this year that meant a lot to me), and a greater little family, but all have been so appreciated and valued to me. I’m not 100% to where I want to be just yet, but as with everything else, I’m working on it, and may have some actual answers soon. And hey, new Star Wars, because that totally happened this year.

So yes, Christmas and this time of year tends to make me a little sentimental. I’m imperfect, but lucky. I’m spastic, but still haven’t lost my sense of adventure. Or penchant for surprise. Or my ability to care for friends old, new, and haven’t been met yet.

So for my friends and family, I most certainly wish you a Merry Christmas, and the happiness that this holiday entails. I expect that for the rest of tonight, I’ll sit under the tree and look at the lights for old time’s sake with a few dogs in tow, enjoying the last few moments that this time of year brings.

Though in being honest, I’ll probably forget to take down the tree until May again this next year, so those good tidings tend to last a little longer in our house.

I’m well used to the head shakings that come with it.

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