As With Everything Else….

Life never provides a dull moment.

Between house remodeling, finding new gigs, adjusting to my strange schedule, and trying to figure out the best way to help some friends through difficult times, the (very slow) turn to Spring has made for a lot of “on the go” activity.

That’s not to say that it’s all been work and errands. Stepping back out into the world invariably leads to more unusual adventures, and that all started with a beard.

Due to my early acting work in Westerns and pirate films (thus compounding the need to be perpetually hairy and dirty all the time), I gained the uncanny ability to grow a beard at will. While that may not be 100% true (tall tales are part of my original Texas heritage, after all), this clip with Homer from an early episode of The Simpsons is a pretty accurate representation of my daily grooming habits:

So four days in, I had a full beard grown out just in time to audition for Spamalot.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (and British comedy in general) was one of my earliest and most prolific comedy inspirations. The thought of galloping to coconuts and hacking limbs off of the Black Knight was far too appealing, and so away I went.

Still no word as of yet, but I suppose I could find comfort in becoming “Sir Not Appearing In This Show” if the “wait and see” aspect continues on to the upcoming weekend. “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”, and all that.

As for the rest of the previous weekend, the Missus and I went Downtown to check out the Life Cube Project, and Burning Man influenced art project that is set to (what else) burn at the end of the month.

Gleaming The Cube.

Gleaming The Cube.

On the way over to the Cube, however, we witnessed this old man just collapse and fall over at a bus stop. Two passengers helped him to his feet while I called 911, as the man did not seem fully aware of his surroundings or where he lived. After everyone else left, we stayed with him until an ambulance arrived. It was possible that he was on something, but he certainly wasn’t in a position to get or a bus, or anywhere else. We finally made it to the Cube after that little side adventure.



My work schedule has been busier. I was to work a convention this last week, and did so on Monday. The client was weird, as they wanted me around, yet wanted nothing to do with me, and wearing a giant costume, you need someone to keep tabs on you to make sure that you don’t overheat or get manhandled by drunken conventioneers. While it was supposed to be a week, it was abruptly cut down to one day. Honestly, I was okay with that.

And for a blast from the past moment, a video game company called me asking if I wanted to get back into video game testing. I was torn. Despite being out of the industry for nearly a decade now, there will still always be a part of me that misses it, and would love to be back in that lifestyle again. But testing as a job can be somewhat thankless and expendable in the wrong company, as my time at Midway was bittersweet. Texas was an overall better experience, but when I worked the San Diego office, there was a fair share of hazing and bullying involved that never should have happened. That’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate the friends I had at that branch, though. It just wasn’t enough to keep me from getting shown the door and returning back to the job every ten minutes due to one of the little cliques taking a personal dislike of me (One episode I titled “The Pizza Stand-Off” was a “classic” moment). I’m over the experience now, but the treatment did hurt back then.

Coincidentally enough after the job interview had been made, I ended up having a small reunion with a group of my San Diego alumni earlier in the week.

The Old Gang.

The Old Gang.

We talked, laughed a lot, destroyed sushi and sake bombs, caught up about current life and “the old days”, and of course, the thoughts of a return to the game grid. Who better to ask for advice than old colleagues who were in the trenches alongside you? The prospect was tempting. There’s still a part of me that is tempted, and it’s a completely different company. And I’m deeply flattered that they asked me. But I’ve also done a lot of things with my life in the last ten years. I moved on. And it was a reminder that some events and places happen for a reason. Even if it’s not for the actual purpose that prompted you to take on the experience in the first place, it’s the memories made and the people you meet that become the true milestone reached.

Ten years later, I can still say that I have all of this:

Pay no attention to all the bottles on the table.

Pay no attention to all the bottles on the table.

I think I came out better for it in the long run.

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