I’m Still Here!

Contrary to what may be popular belief, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Nay, I’ve been busier than ever these days. Which is why I wanted to take a moment and write now before work sweeps me away again.

Mostly, it’s been writing assignments and booze pourings taking up all my free time, and as a freelancer, it’s the continuous hustle to keep that almighty dollar in my wallet. That’s not to say that I haven’t has a little fun.

For starters, I went to Disneyland for my friend Sam’s birthday. He, his friend Traci and I spent two days in California going over to Huntington Beach, then to Disneyland proper and California Adventure.

On the beach....

On the beach….



Photo blasted on Star Tours.

Photo blasted on Star Tours.

I take sudden, multi-level drops well.

I take sudden, multi-level drops well.

We got up at 6:30 in the morning, and didn’t end until 1:00 the next morning…. Then drove back right after. It was a bit of a painful drive, but it was also a fantastic day of clearing through almost every ride, tiki bars, and a lot of high-spirited hijinks. The higher the jink, the more I approved.

But it was mostly back to work. I did a gaming expo convention where my main role was to pour booze for convention goers that came into our area. The event itself was okay, as it was basically a free bar for customers, and I got to sample more than a few fair shares of some pretty tasty food in the surrounding area.

All of this led into my birthday. As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty decent.

Little man.  Big eating.

Little man. Big eating.

I had a great birthday dinner, a lot of well wishings and visits from friend, no police boats….

I even got this as a gift from Jen:

Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

Is that not greatness? Now I just have to find a wall to put that on.

And then I got sick.

A few days after, fortunately. That grand plague that seems to be sweeping the nation and affecting my friends and family everywhere. My sniffling, sneezing, snuffling miasma of head phlegm and wickedness took me down for a few days, yet I really couldn’t take a break. I ended up doing another booze pouring at the local Air Force Base, which was well into the midst of our current idiotic government shutdown. But booze waits for no budget or healthcare resolve, and one of my greater acting roles was placed in front of me: Pretend I was wanting to be other places besides curled into my bed with some tissue, knockout level cough syrup, and my 3DS. Still, I had to check out what they have for a shopping center. Who knew Gamestops were on military bases?

The rest of the weekend continued with me providing counseling to this stranger at an Applebee’s that had just broken up with his girlfriend. I felt like crap, but I couldn’t just sit there and let the man cry into his drink all by himself. He warmed to the idea of someone actually taking the time to talk to him, though management acted like he was a problem, and kept wanting him to leave. I’ve seen obnoxious drunks. This guy just wanted a friendly ear, and I couldn’t begrudge him that.

The following Sunday, I agreed to take my friend Brenda to a wedding at Floyd Lamb Park. While I wasn’t going to the ceremony, I decided to stay and check the place out. It was originally a divorce ranch for people to stay at as Nevada only had a six week minimum to stay married before they could annul their nuptials. The place itself was really nice, what with the lakes and big trees and old buildings. And I even got to crash the wedding reception. Far funnier as I was coming off of my cold still, and since I hadn’t planned to stay, I didn’t really clean up, with my Florida beach bar T-shirt, unshaven face, and sandals. I looked more ready for a day of sandcastles and rum drinks than the celebration of one’s union. The bride and groom were remarkable sports, and I wished them well on their happy day as I got more than a few once over glances at my casual appearance. In my defense, their buffet was excellent.

Despite my need to write, I also had Gina and Alex stop by for the weekend, and I even ended up back in Laughlin again for a brief visit. Not a bad little place. I’ve heard they do inner-tube regatta there, and that sounds marvelously fun.

Otherwise, it’s been writing and celebrating birthdays. It’s been everywhere from back out to Pahrump, where some drunk old woman tried to get me to molest her (to which I more than politely declined) to the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, showcasing a three hour run of boobs and other assorted talents.

So that’s been life these days, and I expect the next few days to remain just as hectic. Either I am really busy, or work just dries up for weeks at a time. In any case, I suppose I should trade one form of writing for another.

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