Back In The Saddle.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Not so much for lack of interest, but more for… well, I sit in front of a computer enough these days. Being able to step away when I can is something of a blessing.

As with most things that happen to me, my title header leads back into some pop culture reference or other that’s currently relating to my life. This time out, my header related to an animated Ghostbusters episode where the original team comes out of retirement to get back into paranormal investigation once more.

And while still lacking a proton pack of my own, so have I.

I’m back doing tours again. Tours about the haunted side of Las Vegas (with a bit of mob history thrown in on the side). Turns out that I missed those little tourish buggers, and I’m quite good at storytelling, so it seemed like it’s a good match for the time being. Part of my investigations go around Las Vegas. The other part led to my latest of discoveries.

A 102 year old saloon.

A 102 year old saloon.

Goodsprings, Nevada, a small mining town just before the Nevada/California state line.

The place in the picture is the Pioneer Saloon. It’s a 102 year old saloon that’s one of two remaining buildings left in the town, which surprisingly was the hotspot for Vegas folk to go to for “Big town life” back in the day. The saloon has been in movies, TV shows, video games, has a surprisingly good steak and lobster combo or hamburger, and is haunted as everything.

I don’t doubt it. The whole town, saloon included is built over mining shafts. This is the place where miners, prostitutes, gamblers, and cheats would go for a good time. It even has bullet holes in the wall from where a card cheater named Paul Coski was dumb enough to think no one would notice five aces on the table during play.

There's a story behind them bullets.

There’s a story behind them bullets.

The bar is more a biker bar now, but the locals are friendly and welcoming, and I have grown a bit of a fondness for out there (even if it does get quite cold out there at night). Whatever, your belief is, I’ve definitely witnessed a few things out there that can’t be easily explained.

But life otherwise has been a little quiet. I survived tax season (got a little money back, though the preparation was a bit painful on the wallet), I’ve been working a lot the last few weeks, but I did get to try one of those Trikke tours Downtown.

Not quite Tron.

Not quite Tron.

These are surprisingly fast, and while a little goofy looking, it was really fun, and the tour showed off some interesting parts of Downtown Vegas.

But finding a life outside of work hasn’t been as easy as I would have hoped. I’m so busy all the time that little breaks, such as checking out the latest Mortal Kombat X, are few and far between. What can I say? 20 years of that game series having a direct influence on my life, I get a little sentimental, which is surprising for a game that pulls the loser’s organs out through their mouth, which is one of the tamer instances. Sick, sick little monkeys, those guys are.

A little weird to think that my 20 year mark with all of that is coming next month. I suppose that will be the subject of my next entry.

Part of the situation with me right now is that I have cabin fever. I spend most of my time working, and roadtrips are calling me. Somewhere. Anywhere, frankly. As I said, I am trying not to be online at home as much, and working with social media writing, I have learned a lot about “good” content, as well as “bad”. One of the biggest instances is Facebook, one of those things everyone has which makes it strangely indispensable, but I am starting to question if it has a “positive” effect on life.

Outside of the addictive “must check” factor, there’s a lot going on. People seem to look to be “outraged” or “offended” by everything they see and post themselves. Everyone has that one opinion on “how you should have done things”. People pass judgement. People don’t check facts. People can turn an innocent off-hand comment into their personal platform for “inner crazy” that then becomes “outer crazy”. That’s certainly not to say everyone is like that, but cruising Facebook seems to be more of an exercise in unhappiness than positivity, and I’m really starting to notice that.

It could be why I’m starting to veer more towards Instagram, because it’s simply a snapshot of someone’s day that they want to share, or the “Post it and go” attitude of Twitter, or post weird stuff on Tumblr, or the relative “Undiscovered Country” of Ello.

As I said, NO ONE leaves Facebook, but I want to try and be more true to the mission that I started last year for positivity and happiness. I had enough sidesteps last year. I’m at a point where I want to continue to pursue something greater.

As for personal writing, I do need to be better. I have too may projects that I have set aside, and I am ready to get back into doing what I love: Writing something great.