As Always, Running Behind.

I hadn’t really noticed that the last time I updated my blog was a month ago… from a time 10 years ago.

Well, certainly, things have happened since, both a a decade and two months ago-wise.

January certainly started off with a bang: I got a new job.

I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years, and outside of my super-fast growing “five o’ clock shadow”, the other Homer Simpson quality I share with him is the litany of varied and multiple careers over the years. From grocery bagger, to video store clerk, to professional video gamer, to freelance writer, to TV/Film actor, to sous chef, to pre-show award host, to paranormal investigator, to wine server, to travel agent, to promoter, to tour guide, I’ve been all over the spectrum. And so, opportunity brought me back into the writing and marketing aspect with a new social media company Downtown. It’s definitely interesting. And unquestionably busy.

And I had to leave the Neon Museum a little faster than I anticipated in a departure that felt more like a bad break-up in an awkward relationship the way it all went down, but I suppose at the end of the day, I did entertain the guests there, and reviews like this, as well as a great number of the people I worked with there, remind me that I did affect some good during my time. It’s all we can do in any aspect of life, really.

But things have certainly changed since then. A lot busier to be sure. New people, and new clients. Some of it very much at my own pace, or relearning acceptance that the world doesn’t always change in a few minutes. I feel more at peace with a promise of definite goals for the future. My arm and chest no longer ache. It’s a good thing. And the way things are shifting, performance and entertainment is definitely not out of my future, either.

Somewhere in there, I even affected a very brief trip to San Diego to see Jen’s Mom, who has been a little under the weather, but was thrilled for our engagement, and now I am starting to call her “Mom” as well. It’s… been a few years since I’ve used that term in context for myself. Again, not a bad thing.

But I did use the remaining time to really give myself a chance to reopen myself to what San Diego offered, either things I couldn’t see, or had forgotten. From a dog beach, to a little coffee shop, a stroll through Old Town, the Gaslamp, and Coronado, and even sitting on the hill where my first home was in Point Loma, overlooking the bay where the bridge is and the cruise ships would come to port. It was definitely a view that I did not take advantage of enough. Still, not everything was perfect. Our hotel left much to be desired. But the overall trip was a positive one.

Coming back home has been a series of shows at the Smith Center (Nice Work If You Can Get It), a several hour bicycle pub experience, and another ghost hunting experience. I admit to being a little more reclusive of late after last Winter’s injury/scare, but the call of adventure doesn’t leave me for too long, and I expect that the next few weeks are going to lead into quite a few exciting things for me.

I’m actually doing a lot more with my Instagram these days, so for what lacks in photos for this entry, you can see all the strange and unusual and artsy things I’ve been encountering the last few weeks. My schedule has been more than busy, so I write for myself when I can.

I write, and catch up on my strange reawakening of 1990′s-era hip-hop. As of this writing, I am indeed down with O.P.P.