A Month of Flu.

I didn’t think I’d be going back to archival posts, but it was one of those months, and not a lot was missed.

In wanting a “Better, healthier, happier me” for 2014, I started juicing.

Well, not me personally, because that would be gross. But I’ll be honest in saying that I’m more of a meat eater than a vegetable eater, and I’m trying to do better. A lot of that came about from this film: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. After seeing all of the potential health benefits (and I love a good challenge), I consented to trying this “Mean Green” drink to reap all of the health benefits…..

Looks good, doesn't it?

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Granted, it looks like the Incredible Hulk’s spew, but it’s… not bad, actually. It turns my teeth green, and it’s a bit grassy, but it’s not manageable.

Very little in my life, however, isn’t without a sense of irony.

Despite my new whirlwind schedule, I was again booked to work CES for the year. This year seemed to be all about curved 3D TVs and the various gadgetries, but I often find the convention to be a little overwhelming. There are so many people there, and the crowds are legion. It’s inescapable to move about without being bumped, slowed, and delayed as throngs of tech folk wander about the many halls. I did, however, get to meet Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell:

Have you played Atari today?

Have you played Atari today?

It was also when I began to feel very tired. I’ve been working non-stop since my birthday last year. It’s not uncommon for me to juggle 2-3 jobs in a week (I’ve done it for months anyway), but this time, something was really wrong.

The flu hit. And it hit hard.

I was down. Aches, pains, chills, intense heat and fever, hallucinations, coughing, sneezing…. It was a mess. But it wasn’t like I could quit my litany of other assignments, either. So I slogged through my regular gig, did booth set-up for this “counter culture” convention that the main themes were full of “water pipes” and other related novelties that one would find in one of those smoke shops or a Spencer’s Gift (but it’s fast, easy money to get in and out), and writing on this other project that never seems to resolve due to lack of client input. That’s not even counting the social appearances that I had to make when I would have rather hidden under my covers. So as I worked, I got sicker and sicker, finally culminating with my cough pulling a muscle in my chest and bruising a rib. Finally tapping out, I Grouponed a medical massage to see if I could speed up my slow road to recovery.

If there was any consolation, I did keep to my commitment to starting 2014 as drama free as possible. Somehow, the “Death Flu” was far more manageable than having to deal with any created drama the month could have given.