Year of the Space Whale.

2012 was set to be “The End of the World” since the Mayan calendar dictated as such. I don’t see why all the fuss over the apocalypse. People get so excited for it, like they actually want it to happen. Then again, people like “duckface”, so I’ve never claimed to understand everything. As for me, if we were going to go, I kept hoping that the world would be devoured in one gulp, because frankly, I’d be proud to have that on my tombstone.

2012 started out quietly, first with me doing CES. As with the previous year, I handed out show dailies, and the company I worked for was pleasant enough, though always mindful of being “on” at all times. Personally, I don’t find CES “the show” very exciting, which is strange considering how techie I am. I’ve been to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) a number of times, and that focuses on video games and computer software. Granted, they’ve neutered that show over the years, but it’s still interesting. CES is a lot of 3D, touchscreens, and motion control. But it’s also interesting to see which useful (and useless) gadgets make the scene.

Another CES sort of morning.

Another CES sort of morning.

As far as acting went, I worked on The Incredible Burt Wonderstone with Jim Carrey. This sis the second film I’ve worked with Jim, but I was realistic in not expecting him to remember me from the infamous “orange scene” from five years ago.

The scene was easy enough (but ungoldly cold) to do on Fremont Street, and I was able to get a photo with Jim once shooting was concluded, despite two inept photographers:

When did my hair grow out?

When did my hair grow out?

Seriously, one couldn’t snap the photo fast enough to go fawn all over him, so I got a picture of her leg, and the second got starstruck, and I literally had to beg him to just press the “Take photo” button. Stardom is a weird thing.

I also had to go drive to Los Angeles for an audition. Too bad the brakes went out on my car, so not only did I get to eat a huge bill, it put my audition at risk. Fortunately, I got to L.A. regardless, and made the audition on time.

On the way, however, I did see this at a Cadillac repair shop:

Ecto-1.  Busted.

Ecto-1. Busted.

Sometimes, I do so love Los Angeles.