The Simple Life.

Life was still very much going great, as far as things go.

I was making a lot of new friends at the Museum, instituting such memorable holidays such as “Unofficial Bill Cosby Day”…

Yes, "The Cosbettes" are wearing Bill on their shirts.

Yes, “The Cosbettes” are wearing Bill on their shirts.

And trying to keep sane in the Egypt gallery, as it had to be staffed at all times. Mostly, it wasn’t bad. On slow days, you could only wander the hallways so much without getting stir crazy. There is a sensor statue at the front of the gallery of “Dadat”, that comes to life and talks to guests as they entered the room. It became a long-running challenge for my co-workers and I to try and sneak past it without triggering the sensor. Until one day….

I don’t know what I did differently, but he never triggered. I was so excited by my victory, that I abandoned my post to run to the main desk and share the news:

Me: “Charlsey! I did it!”
Charlsey: “What did you do?”
Me: “I got past the guard without triggering him!
Charlsey: “No way! Are you serious?”
Me: “Yes! I don’t know how I did it, but he never came on! I beat him!”
Charlsey: “I think this calls for… a high five.”
*high fives*

Of course, the Museum visitors had no idea what we were talking about.

If it wasn’t thwarting statues, it was repair work at home. This time on an old friend:

It mostly works....  Mostly.

It mostly works…. Mostly.

It's all in the wrists.

It’s all in the wrists.

Back in the day, when I still worked in the video gaming industry, I managed to acquire a Tron arcade game. I’ve had this machine for a long time. A LONG time. And while it’s survived countless moves and periods in storage, these old machines were never really meant to last this long. But I was determined that I would restore the old girl. A few “professional” repair attempts later, I’m still largely in the same place, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up.

When not swearing at an arcade game, I busy with my acting classes, took part in an AT&T commercial, and for the first time, attempted gardening:

My first attempt.  Don't ask how it is now.

My first attempt. Don’t ask how it is now.

Dirt in a desert environment such as Nevada is just miserable. Being a place of limited water, the ground isn’t the most nutrient rich place in the world. The soil here is fairly useless, and it’s hard to make much, if anything grow. That’s nothing to say about keeping it alive.

And yet, elbow deep in dirt, swearing at this difficult task, I couldn’t help but look skyward and get the feeling that Dad was getting the biggest laugh out of watching me toil in my new yard.

These are the kind of struggles that I can deal with.

But only for so long. I decided that Disneyland was a far better use of my warm spring days. Besides, they had just reopened Captain EO.

Had to get my "Shamone" on.

Had to get my “Shamone” on.

The Missus and I met up with some friends: Gina and Alex, and Kristin and Robert.

Gina and Alex at Star tours.

Gina and Alex at Star tours.

Robert and Kristin, and a large rodent in a chef's hat.

Robert and Kristin, and a large rodent in a chef’s hat.

Okay... so I kind of have a thing for Aurora.  Back off.

Okay… so I kind of have a thing for Aurora. Back off.

If this month seemed a little “Disney” intensive, it was going to pale in comparison to what happened the next month, where the “Guy Chapman Effect” was about to hit hard.