Life At Home.

I was getting used to the whole “home” thing, and it was going well.

In coming back from a hike at Red Rock, the neighbor kids waved hello as the Missus and I pulled into our driveway, and ran towards the car to see the dogs.

“So do you have any kids”, the little girl asked us.

“No, no kids as of yet”, I replied.

“You should buy one at the store”, the boy piped up.

The girl rolled her eyes at her brother. “That’s not where babies come from”, she said with all the knowledge of a little girl. “They go in a woman’s tummy.”

The boy looked at me, then pointed at the Missus. “Then maybe you could put a baby in her tummy so we can have a new friend to play with.”

We laughed. “Well, that’s certainly an option, but maybe later, okay?”

Finally, I was back to work, writing show reviews, and attending with Shannon and my other acting friends in Boulder City. Valentine’s Day was great…. Heck, everything was great. I felt like I had abandoned my friends during the whole “House Saga”, and getting a chance to reconnect with everyone just felt great.

I even decided to volunteer with the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

I’m a bit of a museum junkie by trade, and I do have more than a passing interest in Egyptology (the Museum opened up a related exhibit that month), so it all worked out for my decision to give something to the local arts and culture community.

One of the main hallways.

One of the main hallways.

Camels before the "tomb".

Camels before the “tomb”.

King Tutankhamun.

King Tutankhamun.

Anubis watches over....

Anubis watches over….

Not that everything was perfect. There’s a lot of people who just don’t “get” history, or even try to. I think that’s why it pained me that some woman did not know who the Egyptian God of the Dead “Anubis” was, and rather than trying to learn a little bit about the deity’s background, she simply dismissed his role to her child that he’s “The Doggie Guardian of Tools”.



This “astounding discovery” was made based off a statue of the jackal God that was on top on an embalming box used to prepare Tutankhamun for the afterlife. I knew exactly who Anubis was at age 6. Of course, that basis came from the Atari 2600 game Riddle of the Sphinx, but when it came time for eventual museum visits, I knew my Gods (also, if you hit Anubis with rocks, he would make a scary “beep”, and hurt your player).

Still a better teacher than that kid's Mom.

Still a better teacher than that kid’s Mom.

But I was falling well into place with my more relaxed life. Spring was coming around the corner, and I still had a lot to do with the house and the yard.

The urge for travel was also growing stronger….