Closing Down.

And so, with the first of the month, Star Trek: The Experience closed down, ending my rum filled interplanetary adventures.

It was a grand ceremony with a lot of merriment, and a great closing ceremony. Oh, certainly, saying good-bye to old friends and watching the golden curtains coming down over the front of The Experience put a lump in my throat. It was very sentimental for me as well, having been one of the first experiences that I had upon my first visit to Vegas back in 2002. I was very fond of it, and now it was gone.

Not Peter Mayhew....

Not Peter Mayhew….

The Experience is over.

The Experience is over.

September was a bit of slow month for me. Outside of trying to deal with all of the political craziness and the financial meltdowns of the time, the only thing that went on for me was Dad’s house being sold, closing that chapter in my life and necessitating another return back to Texas, and another birthday having come and gone.

The next month, however, marks another foray into the unusual. Quiet months like this are usually hard to come by…